A podcast for drumming dads by Adrian Griffin

Brand new podcast coming soon...

Hey! I’m Adrian Griffin, I play the drums and I have a three year old whipper snapper.

DrumDads is a podcast and community for dads who play the drums and want to listen to stories and learn from other drumming dads about drums, drumming, being in bands, touring, being a dad, and all kinds of stuff.

Of course anyone is welcome to tune in, especially if you’re a drummer and thinking about having kids, or even have a dog, a cat, or pets.

I’ve been playing drums since I was 8, and gigging, touring nationally and internationally, and recording since the 90s. I’ve been involved with heaps of bands in that time and I still love the drums!

I’m currently playing with my bands Lo! and Burial Pit from Sydney, Australia, and working on some projects including The Wvlf and Slowly Building Weapons.

I’ve also previously played with Lord, Sumeru, Truth Corroded, Daemon Pyre, 28 Days, Degeneracy, Hell City GlamoursAgaugeFor (bass guitar) and loads more.

I also run a small web design business called SwiftSites and have managed to keep it going all these years while juggling multiple bands, music projects, living overseas for 5 years, home renovations, and more recently with a toddler.